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FURST considers that eco-responsibility cannot be summed up in a well-turned phrase to claim these values.

A truly responsible approach is at the heart of our DNA and we want to talk to you about it. That's why, in order to apply the best standards, we have set up a partnership of excellence with the Franco-American brand ANTIDOTE which is a beacon of conscious fashion.

These daily choices represent all the work and awareness of an emerging network that believes in a more balanced world.


It is important to be aware of the impact of our daily consumption, both on the planet, on the economy and on society, but also on the health of everyone.

FURST intends in its development to act by encouraging responsible consumption, taking into account the criteria of sustainable development, that is to say a consumption that is both environmentally friendly, beneficial to the economy, good for health, and also positive for society.

Our will to act consciously is part of our general policy in favor of a moderate and responsible approach for ethical and sustainable qualities, resisting an extremist approach.

FURST allows you from the search menu on the home page, to browse a selection of ethical and sustainable products, on which we commit ourselves, in connection with our suppliers, to be very vigilant, and this in the entire production and distribution chain.


We favor the exploitation of the natural properties of the whole plant world, as much for the welfare products of the animal as for the design of equipment or accessories. On the organic side, it is above all a way of life for the defense of "healthy living". FURST offers natural products for your animal from organic farming, healthy, ecological and well-being distributed through the delicatessen and beauty.


We encourage pet brands that are committed to working with nature, rather than against it. These brands create their products with the Earth in mind by continuously researching sustainable materials and ensuring environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. FURST is vigilant in working with these trusted suppliers and wishes to make their products known to assist you in your choices.


Artisanal products not only preserve culture and tradition, but also provide small producers with better economic opportunities, and increase their audience reach.


The drive for sustainability relies heavily not only on consumers, but also on the people who make the products. Defending human rights also begins by providing them with fair wages, respect for children's rights, safe working conditions and opportunities for growth. Access to work for people with disabilities or those in the process of reintegration is also a strong social factor. FURST is vigilant in working with trusted actors who consider elementary social rights as an essential postulate to respect for the human condition.


The recovery and recycling of materials provides essential environmental benefits. It reduces the need for thspathis for landfills, the pressure on virgin resources, pollution and allows energy savings. FURST strives to offer products consisting in particular of materials from recycling.


Fair Trade aims to restore the balance of world trade through better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair conditions for farmers and workers in developing countries. By supporting these brands, FURST also contributes to the well-being of the communities that support them.


Veganism encompasses animals and their habitat, and encompasses many aspects other than nutrition, including the exclusion of animals and animal by-products in manufacturing processes. FURST encourages pet brands for which it is important to treat animals with respect without compromising their ecological impact by using sustainable materials.

FURST strives to implement its philosophy both by relaying a clear message while being very attentive in its selection of products offered to its customers.

Also, we will never offer for sale:

  • animal fur products;
  • brands proposing or having offered fur products, unless they have discontinued such practices;
  • contaminated nutritious products, consisting of skins of beef or pork treated with chemicals harmful to the health of the animal (unfortunately still too widespread on the market);
  • chocolate products (detoxified or not) for dogs, harmful to the health of the animal and its long-term addiction;
  • certain chews whose hardness is a risk factor for dental fracture for your animal (example: deer antlers, etc.).

To do this, FURST ensures with its trusted suppliers:

  • traceability of raw materials;
  • the quality of the ingredients making up the product;
  • in priority that the leather has been tanned with vegetable tannins or failing that the leather has been tanned in accordance with the highest European environmental and social standards of the regulation REACH regulation with mineral tannins;
  • that the animal skin of a leather component of a product is used exclusively as a by-product of an animal consumed for human consumption;
  • that no skin of a leather from an "exotic" or endangered animalsparition does not make up the product sold;
  • the use of renewable resources by favoring natural and recyclable materials such as wood, rather than plastic when possible;
  • that it is privileged as much as possible to manufacture in the espathis European, rather than in the rest of the planet, to reduce the environmental impact of transport;
  • that the use of eco-certified wood is preferred;
  • to minimize the use of plastics and to ban a number of single-use plastics so as not to contribute to plastic pollution worldwide;
  • that the sustainability of products is favored to limit unnecessary renewals that favor the increase of waste;
  • no child has been involved in the product manufacturing process.

It is always better to consume products from organic farming: but it is not because it is stamped "organic" that it is a quality product. In FURST , we are also vigilant about the quality of the product.

Finally, FURST is very interested in eco-leather products made from innovative materials composed of plant fibers, such as leather made from pineapple leaf or orange peel fibers. However, the final quality of these products remains to be improved by the textile industry, especially on resistance rates with an animal.

All of these practices are less common and more expensive, but it's a choice.

Finally, we encourage our customers to do the right thing by collecting their pet's faeces systematically, using biodegradable excrement bags, thrown in a suitable bin.

We can not less and less consider a daily life without thinking about the consequences of each of our actions and each of our choices on the environment, and on everyone's budget, but also on our health and well-being, just like those of our dear pets.

We commit ourselves on a daily basis to accentuate our actions and enhance our commitment to our trusted third parties, and our customers worldwide.

Our commitments are directed toward:

  • CLEAN ENERGY: our buildings consume by compensation 100% of decentralized green energy, through photovoltaic solar energy, integrated with rooftops or parking shades. The installation of solar panels integrated with built structures makes it possible to revalue the lost spaces of the housing stock, such as roofs and car parks. It is thus part of a comprehensive approach to preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • A ZERO WASTE OBJECTIVE: we adopt 4 basic principles "refuse" - "reduce" - "reuse" - "recycle". Thus, we are vigilant against wasting paper. This is why our digitalization approach is global. Also, your invoice is systematically sent by email.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly, starting with soy-based inks, unlike traditional petroleum-based inks. Our tissue papers are acid-free and FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forestry), offering you superior quality packaging without harming the environment. Acid-free paper is a paper infused in water that gives a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly higher) and is free of lignin and sulfur. Finally, we are contributing to global reforestation by planting trees in areas that need it most, thanks to the Eco-Packaging Alliance program.

We are studying a solution to reuse used boxes of orders. If you do not know what to do with your packaging, after receiving your order, all you need to do is print a label and put your box containing the packaging at a relay point. This responsible solution is under study. We encourage our customers to take the same approach.

For our communication tools, we also seek to promote the use of recycled paper of good quality (based on recycled t-shirt fiber for example).

We avoid over-packaging as much as possible by calibrating the boxes: the package dimensions are appropriate while properly protecting your items.

  • THE FIGHT AGAINST FOOD WASTE: all pet food products are managed in a just-in-time manner so as not to throw away obsolete products unnecessarily. However, in case the date gets old food will be given to animal welfare associations so that the products can be used wisely. We encourage our customers to take the same approach;
  • THE CELEBRATION OF THE PLANET: each year, we value a simple but vital message for the protection of the planet by celebrating each 22 April Earth Day and each 8 June World Ocean Day;
  • A RESPONSIBLE FASHION: we support the committed and innovative approaches of "slow fashion" or "conscious fashion", in particular carried by the brands of the new era, promoting responsible fashion to create "consciously". We are thus initiating joint operations combining fashion and the world of “man's best friend”, to convey this universal message to a wider audience.

FURST continually studying, in its operation, all the alternatives to improve and reduce its impact on the Planet.

FURST has for ambition to be the reference of a French trade, for pets, turned towards the international, with a particularly ethical and responsible approach.

To raise this bet collectively, we work on 4 key axes:

  • the recovery of all the waste produced;
  • reducing the energy costs of our buildings;
  • to value the exemplarity of all the own brands;
  • the structuring of our donation policy.

FURST will always be vigilant in encouraging good practice.

To offer suggestions or to contact us regarding our responsible approach, or on general questions, please see the section " Contact us referenced at the bottom of each page by means of a clickable link.

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