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Our service is among the highest for the greatest satisfaction of our customers, who seeks in a range of exceptional products a different and unique product for their pets. This element guides every decision we make.

We offer you, with a demanding quality approach, the highest standards of quality and style. A clean design choice and five-star quality, with the support of veterinarians, for the well-being of your fur babies.


At FURST , we are committed to the highest standards of quality of each of the products offered. It's our DNA. We do not want products to be just beautiful. We want them to be exceptional in every way.

Each available product was the subject of long considerations to know if it corresponded to our requirements of quality, safety, comfort, and use. You will find on the pages of the shop, products in which we trust to bring you an optimal satisfaction.

This includes the choice of quality materials and impeccable finishes, and thehighest standards of production.

You will find a sharp selection of products, mainly designated or manufactured in Europe, with a particular attention to sustainability, through our collections detailed below around the relaxation, the tableware, the fashion, the fun, the delicatessen , beauty, enrichment in cats and positive education in dogs.

At FURST we are for a beautiful design that works. However, this design should not be at the expense of functionality and comfort, we are particularly attentive to satisfy both your pet and his happy owner. Therefore, each of our products has been analyzed by a college of veterinarians-advice to ensure the high quality for its well-being.

Our products are supposed to make your whole life better and more sensual. All this is possible thanks to sophisticated designs and the use of the best materials, perfectly adapted to the needs of four-legged companions.

FURST works with world-class raw materials that constitute our high quality products and come from leading suppliers renowned for their outstanding design and innovative material properties. They are also found in the collections of high-end furniture manufacturers or collections of fashion haute couture or fashion conscious designers. We distribute a luxurious alternative to existing products, which all look the same.

High quality is largely determined by careful treatment, which is very expensive and in many cases requires high technical skills. That's why we work with selected manufacturers, who guarantee our high level of quality with their experience and passion. The result is the emergence of unique products that last for everyone who demands the best.


At FURSTyou will not find the latest fashionable product, sold as a marketing campaign, and will end up in a closet or trash barely used.

FURST is a responsible brand, putting your pet's interest first. It is by choosing products designed for your pet, of very high quality, that we can make you happy, and promote this special bond that unites you.

FURST does a lot of research, sharing with you our expertise of the animal world, to better inform you on product details, or in blog articles, to enable you to make the best choice.


At FURST, we do not believe in a consumer society that produces low quality goods at the other end of the world, resold at high prices, and that do not meet the requirements of social responsibility, safety, and environmental sustainability .


FURST selects high-end products for you. Their design:

  • may have required the use of award-winning designers;
  • was able to call on craftsmen concerned about the quality of the product;
  • promotes the use of noble and resistant materials;
  • is designed not to injure the animal;
  • is studied to promote the well-being of the animal;
  • allows the animal to express its natural behaviors specific to its species.


FURST is particularly vigilant to details on:

  • the quality of the stitching;
  • the strength of the raw materials used guaranteeing the durability of the product;
  • the absence of toxic products;
  • finishes.

The well-being and comfort of your pet is our priority, which is why we meticulously apply a set of quality criteria for the selection of our collection.


The “relaxation” collection is the synthesis of all the bedding for the well-deserved rest of your animal.

Our major concerns are:

  • to avoid his joint discomfort;
  • promote restful sleep;
  • to offer him a soft and comfortable place;
  • to promote a protective place;
  • to ensure that its habitat is adapted, especially to size;
  • that the product is insulating, to avoid the cold (or hot) with contact too close to the ground.

We favor home products:

  • with quality cushions, with high density, shape memory, or technical padding;
  • the design suitable for sleeping;
  • with resistant materials (traces of scratches, etc.);
  • easy maintenance materials.


The "tableware" collection brings together all the accessories for your pet's meal.

Our major concerns are:

  • the stability of its bowl;
  • non-toxic materials suitable for food contact;
  • to avoid allergenic substances;
  • easy maintenance;
  • a design adapted to certain concerns (slowing food intake, reducing joint constraints, etc.).

We prefer a selection of power accessories:

  • which may include a bowl enhancer system allowing him to eat with his head raised, for better digestion and improved comfort in the event of joint pathologies;
  • with easy maintenance materials.


The “fashion” collection includes all the accessories for your pet's fashion, including saddlery, clothing and travel.

We select products:

  • so comfortable to make him simply forget about them;
  • intended for prolonged contact with its skin;
  • durable and dirtying as little as possible;
  • strong to withstand inclement weather;
  • secure and easily detaches or relaxes under some traction;
  • easy maintenance;
  • leather treated by vegetable tanning (non-chemical) to avoid allergies.


The "fun" collection highlights all the toys for your pet's entertainment and play.

Our major concerns are:

  • to promote physical or mental activity;
  • to favor interactivity with you;
  • to provide solid materials to prevent the ingestion of foreign bodies;
  • to avoid dangerous products (hardness, strength, etc.), in order to protect your pet's teeth.

We thus promote the selection of sustainable, attractive and entertaining games to promote the game.


The "delicatessen" collection brings together all the products to spoil your pet.

Our major concerns are:

  • favor ingredients from organic sectors;
  • favor short recipes to be more natural and better control the recipes;
  • promote high quality raw materials;
  • limit the ash content, indicators of low quality protein sources;
  • limit the calorie intake, by choosing recipes or sizes of suitable candies;
  • prioritize products without chemical preservatives.

Feeding your pet is serious and scams are legion. That is why we will never sell a product that turns out to be "magic powder" boasting effects not proven by science, that is to say a product with the alleged benefits, by medicinal or therapeutic values(detox, dietary supplement with deworming properties, etc.).


The "beauty" collection offers all the cosmetics and hygiene to groom your animal and take care of it.

We select products:

  • adapted to the pH of his skin;
  • limiting allergenic or controversial additives;
  • favoring the use of substances of natural origin.

The well-being of your pet is serious and scams are numerous. That is why we will never sell a product that turns out to be "magic powders" boasting therapeutic effects not proven by science. Nor will we offer solid soaps for hygienic reasons.


The "enrichment" collection is the selection of products for cats that stimulate the activity of your companion, and improve his environment for a better behavioral balance.

We favor the selection:

  • interactive games and food puzzles;
  • the selection of shelters allowing him to rest out of sight;
  • stable cat trees for roosting;
  • strong scratching posts allowing him to affix his markings;
  • of products allowing him to satisfy his own feline instincts.


The “positive education” collection is the set of products allowing you to support your dog to grow with you from an early age and to make his relationship with you a unique bond.

Our major concerns are:

  • to promote better communication between him and you;
  • to positively reinforce good behavior;
  • to improve the bond and trust between you and him;
  • to promote better integration into the family and society in general.

To submit suggestions or contact us regarding our quality expertise, or for general questions, please contact us using the section " Contact us " referenced at the bottom of each page by means of a clickable link.

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