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FURST is concerned with the defense of the animal condition and wishes to draw the attention of the greatest number on this subject.


It's a fact: animals are not things. They are living beings endowed with sensitivity.

If science recognizes that animals are sentient beings who feel what is happening to them, their sensitivity was only recognized from 1992 in Europe, only since 2015 in France or by international scientists only in 2012 following upon signing a Declaration of Animal Conscience.

However, in the world, the recognition by countries of this status of being sensitive remains marginal.

Like humans, animals can live peaceful and satisfying lives, but they can also suffer, be bored, frightened or stressed. They show an attachment to their own life, to their physical integrity and to their freedom of movement.

Many of them experience joys and sorrows, communicate, have memories, preferences and dream during their sleep.

Man is often attached to pets that share his daily life, like cats or dogs in our homes.

More than all other animals, they enjoy an even more special status in our Society. By sharing our daily life for several thousand years, pets have gradually taken a prominent place in our homes and are considered today as full members of the family.

The question of the status of animals in general, has become a real topic of society. FURST will never claim to claim or act on the subject of animal ethics, particularly by an extremist or radical approach to the approach. On the other hand, we wish to apprehend the subject in an educative approach of common sense, in the concern to sensitize the public. Also, if some products used are not vegan (uses of leather, or meat products for example), we exclusively select co-products from human consumption.

In this sense, FURST supports you in wishing to offer articles that promote the well-being of pets, which is articulated around 5 fundamental pillars that are benchmarks in the field:

  • GOOD NUTRITIONAL CONDITION like not knowing how to suffer from hunger or thirst: to offer articles allowing food intake, and healthy for one's health;
  • SUFFICIENT COMFORT AND SAFETY like not knowing how to suffer from discomfort: favor comfortable accessories;
  • GOOD HEALTH CONDITION like not knowing how to suffer from pain, injury or illness: use of adapted accessories, and healthy products;
  • POSSIBILITY OF EXPRESSION like allowing it to express the natural behaviors specific to its species: promoting the animal's natural behaviors to improve its daily life;
  • ABSENCE OF SUFFERING such as not knowing how to experience pain, fear or distress: foster a harmonious relationship between the animal and its owner, and improve its environment;

By promoting a well-integrated and happy animal in the home, and by limiting the use of other animals, FURST participates in animal welfare.

For the well-being of our dear fur babies, FURST calls for the vigilance of everyone:

  • for animal welfare, while pushing to act by a report against animal abuse or cruelty;
  • against the abandonment of domestic animals, which is a recurring act that has become sadly commonplace, especially during the summer season when many of them are left behind in the summer;
  • for educating owners about cosmetic, hygienic and dermatological care for their animals (daily brushing of teeth, cleaning of eyes and ears, hydration of pads, etc.);
  • for the promotion of the place of animals in our Society, with their celebration for a world day on October 4 but also on August 8 for the cat, August 26 for the dog and finally more generally on January 13 for cuddles and November 13 for kindness, as well as their special anniversary day of birth or welcome in your home;
  • for the acceptance of pets in private establishments that welcome the public (hotels, restaurants, etc.), as well as the labeling of these animals to enhance their value and make them known to the public;
  • to enhance the place of pets in the city (access to urban parks, reduced or free transport) in order to reduce constraints by making life easier for owners and their companions to actively fight against abandonment;
  • to promote innovative actions for the well-being and comfort of animals with establishments dedicated to pampering them (hotels or bars for dogs or cats) or through mobility as offered by certain transport services adapted for pets, etc. . ;
  • to remember that an animal is neither a Christmas present nor a birthday present.

To submit initiatives or to contact us regarding animal welfare, or general questions, please contact us using the section " Contact us referenced at the bottom of each page by means of a clickable link.

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