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"Universal access" is a necessity and we are concerned about it.


Digital accessibility is the issue of access to web content and services by people with disabilities (visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, etc.) and more generally by all users, regardless of their devices. access (mobile, tablet, etc.) or their environmental conditions (sound level, lighting, etc.).

Accessibility practices seek to reduce or remove barriers that prevent users from accessing content. For example, by adding a replacement text to images, which allows visually impaired people to access the information even without seeing the image.

We are implementing features promoting digital accessibility to improve navigation:

  • users of screen readers;
  • by keyboard;
  • text browsers only.

Thus, all users can access our content without difficulty.

You will find below the features available on our website accessible via the URL (the " e-shop ") And all associated mobile or digital applications (collectively" Interfaces ").


On each page of our Interfaces, a simple click on the logo FURST returns to the main home page.


The main menu of our Interfaces can be controlled by hovering over it, using the keyboard or with your fingers on a touch screen. The main menu, constantly present during navigation, regardless of the access device at the top or in the right column, allows you to access the headings and main pages.


Interfaces have been designed to allow your browser to make the most of its own features.


It is not always easy to read text on a screen. A default size is defined for each text of Interfaces, but you have the option to increase the size of the characters.


Interfaces are adapted to make keyboard navigation available on all pages.

A user with a visual or motor impairment can use a keyboard to navigate and perform tasks online. The latter relies on a visual indicator to communicate when the focus of his keyboard is on a web page.

In most cases, you only need the tab key to navigate between the different clickable elements of the page. And if you want to go back in your navigation, you can use the Shift + Tab key combination.


Keyboard users can print any page by going to the desired page and clicking:

  • Ctrl + P on Windows
  • Cmd + P on Mac OS


Our Interfaces present PDF documents for reading and downloading.

If you require assistance, please contact the Customer Support.


Our Interfaces have a number of videos.

These videos are accessible to as many people as possible.

Our videos make sure to take into account the needs of the visually impaired, hard of hearing or vestibular disorders.

Some of these users rely on the voice synthesis capability of screen readers, who read aloud the content of a web page. This is why we pay special attention to sounds from videos or music, especially if they are unexpected, as they can complicate their experience.

Users with vestibular disorders may experience vertigo with moving content.

For this reason, it is important that slideshows and videos are not played automatically.


We make sure that slideshows are not played automatically. If they are, in this case they include a setting that you can use to pause or stop the slideshow.


We make sure that videos are not played automatically. If they are, we cut the sound.

Videos with sound are fully visible and not obstructed by other elements of the page. This allows the subtitles to remain visible.

For videos with a dialog, text transcripts are available. They are included either on the page or in a link to a separate page.

These instructions also apply to videos in a slide show.


Subtitles allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who can not hear (because of the absence of a speaker or a noisy environment) to access the video's audio information.

In addition, they can be useful for people whose mother tongue is not part of available languages. The sound accompanied by the text can allow them a better understanding.

For hearing impaired users, we will caption our videos to allow them to access their content.

Each video is accompanied by synchronized subtitles. You can activate or deactivate these subtitles with a button placed directly in the video player.


Our Interfaces offer, on each of the pages, the translation into several foreign languages ​​of the different contents. You can change language during your navigation.

Our Interfaces are continually aligned with the accessibility best practices defined in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

However, if you encounter a problem while browsing or trying to access certain content, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support to give us as much detail as possible about your situation and the problem you are having, so that we can find an adequate solution.

A continuous plan to improve accessibility has been put in place, from the design of the Interfaces, to follow the necessary and corrective evolutions. We are implementing additional standards recognized by the industry to continually improve the accessibility of our Interfaces to comply with WCAG 2.0.

To submit initiatives or to contact us regarding our features available for digital accessibility, or general questions, please contact us using the section " Contact us referenced at the bottom of each page by means of a clickable link.

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