Shampoing rebooste 2-en-1 pour peau sensible dédié au chien !

2-en-1 reboosting shampoo for sensitive skin dedicated to dogs!

Finally a premium shampoo in a single gesture for your hairball! A concentrate among the best luxury dog ​​care. The goal? Imagine a quality shampoo that combines the essentials of your dog's toilet. Obviously, we fall in love as soon as we discover this elixir.

FURST | 2-en-1 reboosting shampoo for sensitive skin dedicated to dogs

Let's go back to the sources. To be able to step in our homes, the dogs had to comply with the rules of behaving and hygiene, compared to their congeners living outside.

This is how began the rituals of wiping paws when coming back from a walk outside, and the necessary regular shampoos to keep their coat clean. Like ours, the dog skin can get irritated and attacked by pollution, allergens and heated air in homes. A shampoo and a skin care is then necessary.

However, shampoo can be an ordeal for some owners, for lack of time, or a dog too anxious to get out of the bath.

With XNUMX-en-XNUMX shampoo and conditioner with lemongrass and chamomile for sensitive skin, you will be able to wash your companion, soothe irritations, moisturize, and give soft and shiny hair to your dog, in one simple step. And icing on the cake, this shampoo will leave a fresh and pleasant scent in her coat, for even more pleasant hugs.

This is what makes your dog's shampoo a little easier to do, enjoying the benefits of cleansing, detangling, soothing and moisturizing thank to its high quality formula .

Composed especially for dogs, it does not sting the eyes, which will make it safer to apply on dogs who tend to move.

Finally, its concentrated formula will allow easier application, because a small amount of shampoo will wash your animal, unlike poor quality shampoos, deceptively economical, which require a large amount of product.

Our ideal? A precise formulation that goes hand in hand with an elegant and refined design. We validate this shampoo which reboots the coat of your companion to perfection and leaves it soft as silk.


FURST offers you a selection of exceptional products for the well-being of your dog, chosen for their high quality. Find our shampoos for dogs and get him from our beauty the indispensable article for its greater comfort.

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