What is the best natural dog shampoo for the bath?

What is the best natural dog shampoo for the bath?

The cosmetic revolution for the well-being of dogs gives way to naturalness, a healthy and exceptional formula! Let yourself be carried away by the spicy and intoxicating scents of the Australian bush thanks to this high-end shampoo for your animal. More than a shampoo, it is a real relaxing SPA treatment that you will offer to your companion.

To offer you the best, the shampoo Bondi Wash for dog was sourced by our vet-counsel. Know that it is very important to use a shampoo dedicated to dogs, because animals do not have the same skin pH as humans. A shampoo for men, even adapted to babies will not be adapted to their skin, and may cause skin problems.

For the well-being of your dog
Best shampoo Bondi Wash

This shampoo is made with over 99% natural ingredients from Australian flora, paraben free and other controversial synthetic chemicals. This shampoo combines the virtues of essential oils of Niaouli, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavender, recognized for their disinfecting, anti-infectious, antifungal, immunoregulatory, soothing and relaxing properties.

Its formula with aloe vera and vitamin E with soothing and restorative properties, is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. A natural composition with active ingredients derived from plants: purified water, plant derived surfactants, aloe vera extracts, vitamin E, sunflower oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, Australian bush essential oil blend, food preservative .

For the bath, just wet your dog with warm water, put shampoo in your hands and massage your dog for 5 10 minutes to distribute and penetrate the active ingredients. Then rinse thoroughly!

Do not forget to clean the spaces between the fingers, which are often the seat of small inflammations.

Natural shampoo for dogs

This natural dog shampoo is simply the best cosmetic bath product on the market. By an ambitious selection, FURST responds to the beauty potential of each dog with a professional luxury line with a premium range 100% vegetable shampoos and detanglers pH neutral, solid format, dry or 2-in-1 with exquisite scents, thought to wash, moisturize and soothe !


FURST offers you a selection of exceptional products for the well-being of your dog, chosen for their high quality. Find our shampoos for dogs and get him from our beauty the indispensable article for its greater comfort.

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