Pourquoi un arbre à chat design est nécessaire dans votre salon ?

Why a beautifully designed cat tree is needed in your living room?

Cats love to climb, to rest and observe their environment. They also like to visually mark their territory with claws, and sharpen their claws.

Many cats in apartment or in a hypostimulating environment unfortunately cannot correctly express their cat behavior, become bored or anxious, which contributes to the appearance of inappropriate behavior or pathologies (scratching on furniture, urine marking, cystitis, ingrown claws, etc.).

I always advise to have a cat tree at home, to enrich the living environment of his cat, and allow him to express his natural needs to make him happier.

The cat tree is both a territorial visual landmark and an observation platform. For it to be effective, the cat tree must therefore be placed in a clearly visible place in the living area of ​​his apartment tiger. However, cat trees are often ugly, and are therefore most of the time hidden by cat owners, or stored in a small room or a hallway, which makes them lose all their interest in the prevention of behavioral pathologies. The cat tree is therefore most often neglected, and collects dust in a corner, to the great frustration of the cat and its owners.

That's why you need a designer and elegant cat tree that fits perfectly into your interior, compared to the classic cat trees that you want to hide. A functional and design cat tree will be easily placed in the main room, to the delight of his cat. We will also take care of its great stability in order to offer maximum security during its climbing. 

I recommend choosing a cat tree, suitable in height for different cats, depending on their agility. Thus an elderly cat suffering from osteoarthritis, or overweight will be able to hoist himself more easily on a lower observation platform. You can even combine cat trees with different platform heights to give your cat even more possibilities for exploration, and physical activity, for his greatest happiness.

By Benjamin BAYON, Veterinary Doctor


FURST offers a selection of exceptional products in modern style for the enrichment of your cat, chosen for their quality and the well-being of your hairball. Find all of our our favorites for cats and choose a cat tree which will correspond to him best.

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