Pourquoi observer où votre chat fait ses griffes ?

Why observe where your cat is scratching?

Claws are an essential communication element of the cat.

By "scratching" your cat deposits visual marks (the lines created by the scratch), but also olfactory marks thanks to the interdigitated pheromones deposited during the scratching. It is a way for your cat to show his presence on his territory, to you, and to fellow creatures.

It is therefore important that the scratching post is clearly visible in your cat's living area. Hence the interest of having a scratching post that harmonizes with your habitat, in order to avoid wanting to hide it in a less visible place, which would make it unattractive for your cat.

In addition, by making his claws, the cat stretches and renews its claws, which limits the risk of incarnated claws for example.

If your cat has already scratched a wall, I recommend placing the scratching post there. This is the most relevant "spot" that your cat has chosen to show his presence.

If the cat starts to scratch several places abnormally, or on the contrary does not make his claws anymore, I recommend you to talk to your veterinarian.

By Anne GÉRARDIN, Veterinary Doctor


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