Le clicker Memory reprend du service pour l'éducation de votre chien !

The Memory clicker is back in service for your dog's education!

In its quest to refresh the lifestyle of pets, through the alliance of design and a way of life, FURST opens the way for new movements.

For the first time, we propose to masters who are concerned about a good practice, to use this magnificent Memory Clicker loaded with history, symbol of the Liberation, to put it at the service of the benevolent education of their dog.

The clicker is indeed the star object of the major D-Day commemorations in Normandy, including one of the co-founders of FURST is native and for which he drew the idea. Cricket served as a reconnaissance system for paratroopers of the 101e division American airborne, sent in the night of 5 at 6 June 1944 in France. The film "The longest day" has largely contributed to make it famous.

Once forces infiltrated enemy territory, isolated and dispersed, the paratroopers found it difficult to find themselves and regroup without risking being easy targets. Understanding early on the importance of communication, theThe Americans turned away a toy that was very common at the time, and the soldiers were given a few days before the landing.

A codification to identify itself between para: at a pressure on a metal slide that produced click as identification request, it was necessary to hear two bells as answer. This was the code.

A chrome plated brass blade of parallelepipedic shape that emits a sharp snap when pressed.

To counterbalance the general observation that the current offer for pets is either functional but ugly, or the plastic material used is no longer acceptable for its polluting consequences, FURST decided that the little story would join the big one.

The Memory clicker is a replica of the clickers of the time. Handcrafted in England, in the same premises and vintage machines, this polished brass clicker offers a "click" sound design incomparable! 

With its powerful and reliable click, you will be equipped with a beautiful quality clicker to initiate a clicker-training session with your dog.


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