Pourquoi acheter un couchage orthopédique à votre chien ?

Why buy an orthopedic bed for your dog?

Humans spend about 26 years of their life sleeping and know that you should not neglect the choice of your mattress to get a restful sleep and avoid back problems. Your dog will spend more than 7 years of his life sleeping. From then on, it becomes obvious that choosing a quality, durable, and comfortable sleeping is paramount.

It does not come to the idea of ​​sleeping on the ground, yet there are currently many references of dog beds, few are comfortable enough to be a quality bedding in the long term. Indeed, many dog ​​cushions do not offer the comfort adapted to your dog.


Synthesis of design and comfort
Best orthopedic cushion for dogs

Take the test at home: put your dog's mattress on the floor, and press down with your hand. If you can smell the ground hard, it is as if your dog is sleeping on the ground. If your hand does not sink in easily, the bed is too hard. It is difficult to find a bed that offers both a comfortable welcome and adequate support.

What are the benefits of orthopedic sleeping arrangements for my dog?

Among the sleeping arrangements, orthopedic dog beds are the best for the comfort of your dog. Their welcome is soft and comfortable, molding to every relief of your dog's body to support their body as if it were in a cloud, while being firm enough to support the weight of your companion and prevent it from sinking down to the ground. The spine remains straight, and all the joints are relieved.

What makes orthopedic sleepers different from a classic sleeper?

Orthopedic bedding for dogs helps support the joints of your pet, to relieve all tensions. Orthopedic mattresses contain special viscoelastic materials like memory foam, which do not crush under the weight of your dog.

Unlike inexpensive bedding, stuffed with low-end foam pieces, dubious padding, cotton or polyester, which tend to disperse or crash easily, orthopedic mattresses support the joints. The foam adapts to the contours of the joints, and prevents them from being in hard contact with the ground. This joint support avoids pressure points between the floor and the joint, so your dog is relieved in the long run. By avoiding the contact of the hips and elbows on the ground, and by keeping the spine in a perfect axis, your dog enjoys an incomparable comfort for a quality sleep.

FURST - Comparison of joint comfort between an orthopedic dog bed and a cheap cushion.

Illustration comparing the perfect comfort of an orthopedic cushion, supporting the joint in the axis of the body, and an inexpensive cushion, not supporting the joint, favoring a joint and a cartilage in stress, and a hard support causing joint pain.


All dogs deserve comfort and can benefit from an orthopedic pillow. Some dogs, even more sensitive, will be particularly relieved by an orthopedic pillow. These are in particular:

  • Lean dogs, like the greyhounds: these dogs have little fat and a thin coat to make a protective mattress between their joints and the ground. The skin is directly compressed between the floor and the joint bone, which makes lying down uncomfortable. The orthopedic mattress will protect their joints well and give them immediate relief.


  • Older dogs: senior dogs are prone to osteoarthritis and joint pain. Orthopedic bedding relieves the joints of older dogs, who often find it difficult to find a comfortable place to sleep. By supporting their joints against pressure, your dog will sleep more easily, wake up less often to look for a comfortable position, and be in better shape. In addition, the orthopedic cushion better supports the body of your dog. So your dog is no longer stuck in the cushion. It is therefore easier for your pet to get out of bed after sleep.


  • Convalescent dogssuch as dogs that have undergone orthopedic surgery requiring rest, or dogs that have undergone spine surgery, or who are paralyzed, will benefit from the comfort of orthopedic sleeping. These beds will help prevent the appearance of bedsores.


  • Large dogs, are subject to the appearance of calli at the elbows. These calluses that form at the point of pressure between the hard ground and the elbow are hairless, unsightly, dry areas that can cause difficult and painful skin infections. . Orthopedic mattresses by decreasing the pressure at the point of contact with the elbows, prevents the appearance of calluses, and promotes their healing.


FURST - Dog on an orthopedic bed - (c)MiaCara


How to choose the right orthopedic bed for your dog?

Details are important for choosing the orthopedic bed for your dog.

The presence of a rim that can serve ashead support. Some dogs particularly appreciate being able to rest their heads on a raised ledge, much like a pillow. This is a detail that may be important if you know your dog well. If the bed you have chosen does not have it, it is possible to add a small cushion to increase the comfort of your dog.

It is important to choose a bed suitable for size of your dog. By choosing a bed in which your dog can lie on his side without having to curl up, you increase the comfort of your dog by reducing the stress on his joints. This is a particularly important argument about older dogs.

La cushion height must be adapted to the size of your animal and his agility. The quality foams used in orthopedic cushions make it possible to limit the thickness of the cushion for supports comparable to cushions that do not benefit from the same technologies. So it is not necessarily necessary to have a thick mattress to have a comfortable sleeping. From then on, your dog will have easy access to his basket.

Your dog's bedding can smell or be "victim" of an accident (night incontinence for example). An orthopedic mattress with a quality, waterproof and Washable in machine will keep a perfect hygiene.

By Anne GÉRARDIN, Veterinary Doctor


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