Offrez un collier d'exception en galuchat réalisé sur-mesure à votre compagnon

Offer an exceptional shagreen collar made-to-measure to your companion

Your pet is very precious to you. FURST can help you make him a tailor-made exceptional collar, disproportionately refined and elegant that will be the symbol of all the love you want for him.

Leather collars for dogs or cats are one of the classics of canine and feline fashion. FURST invites you to discover a rather special leather collar, since it is a real fish leather collar!

Shagreen is an exceptional leather and is extremely valuable, particularly delicate to work by its composition halfway between leather and mineral. At the same time flexible and extremely resistant, it is used in the fashion industry for the confection of jewels, luxury shoes, the leather goods, the casing and some exceptional pieces of decoration for the habitat.

Its smooth and granular, shiny appearance, as well as its irregular geometric patterns, pearl-like, shaped by nature, make the shagreen an exceptional leather. This exotic leather amazes with its beauty and its inimitable texture.

This leather comes from stingrays fished for human consumption, and is worked by specialized craftsmen.

Shagreen collars, available on our concept store, are made to order exclusively. You have a choice of 28 colors to make the collar of your dreams for your dog or your cat.

Only the most beautiful skins are selected for the realization of these luxury collars. If you want a more graphic fashion collar, it is possible to combine two different colors.

Shagreen leather requires high-tech tanning techniques and know-how. It is sewn by hand on a resistant goat leather, vegetable tanned for optimal comfort.

In order to ensure the irreproachable quality of these pieces of exceptions made according to your wishes, and that your satisfaction is maximum, a delay of 8 to 10 weeks is necessary between the order and the delivery of your article.

Be certain that this expectation will live up to your excitement when you discover this chic and stylish adornment for your favorite pet.

Created in the rules of traditional upholstery, this high-end necklace, timeless in style and discreet luxury, is intended for the most demanding connoisseurs.


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