7 tips to go on vacation with your pet

7 tips to go on vacation with your pet

What to think about going on vacation with your dog or cat this summer?

Summer is here, and the holidays are finally here. For all those who go on holiday with their dog or their cat this summer, follow our checklist before departure for a successful holiday!

1 - Formalities

For all trips within Europe, your pet must be identified by an electronic chip and up to date with his vaccines, especially Rabies. Do not go at the last minute, it may take up to 3 weeks before you can cross the border. Remember to check that the data on your chip is up to date.

2 - Carry it

For cats, we recommend a suitable and comfortable carrying bag, such as the elegant design travel bag for cat MiaCara Tosca. It will allow you to travel with your cat safely.

Hydration is very important in summer

3 - Protect it

During the summer, the parasites swarm. Be sure to protect your mate from fleas and ticks. For all stays in the Mediterranean, we must also remember to protect them against certain mosquitoes that transmit serious diseases (leishmaniasis, heartworm). Your veterinarian will advise you at best.

4 - Refresh

Summer can be particularly hot depending on the region. Beware of heat stroke! Remember to bring with you a bowl to be able to water your companion along the trip, and moisturize regularly throughout the day. Take regular breaks to relax and cool off during car trips.

In case of strong heat, do not hesitate to wet your companion. Cool vests can be interesting for some breeds. Be careful of your dog's paws walking on the asphalt, which can be very hot if exposed to the sun. We recommend you go out at the coolest hours of the day.

5 - The spoil

Bring with you some treats. The holidays are a moment of relaxation that often allow you to spend more time with your pet than the rest of the year, and a few extras will strengthen your complicity. Similarly you can enjoy the time you spend together to teach him new tricks and reward him.

6 - Think about comfort

Think of his little comfort! It is sometimes difficult to carry his basket design on his vacation. The travel mats will allow your dog to have his cozy little nest during the holidays. Likewise, bring him his favorite toy .

7 - Treat it

Finally, do not neglect the little sores of the summer. Bring a first aid kit: disinfectant (chlorhexidine), compresses, tape, adhesive, tick-tick, common medications. For fans hiking with their dog, a small protective balm ou repairer for pads will bring comfort to solicited legs.

For bathing fans, always rinse your coat to remove sand and salt. A little soft shampoo can moisturize their skin and reduce itching. For white cats, and some depigmented dogs, a suitable sunscreen can be applied on nose and ears.

Good holidays !

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