Le meilleur couchage pour chien éco-responsable est made in France !

The best eco-responsible dog bed is made in France!

It is with pride that we present this dog cushion which fully corresponds to the values ​​of FURST, bringing together qualities of strength, design and durability.

This bedding combines several quality criteria:


The cushions are made in France and made to be durable. The seams are solid, and the closure hidden, to prevent the dog from opening his cushion. The covers resist over time, and limit the environmental impact of using unsound materials, typically used in the manufacture of dog bedding, which require repeated renewals. No more cushions that get open, and fabrics that lose their luster in a few weeks, your dog bed is expected to last!

The fabrics benefit from nanotechnology treatment, which allows a simple cleaning of a sponge for most soils, limiting the use of harmful products and excessive water consumption.

The fabrics used for sleeping are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® which guarantees the absence of chemicals dangerous to health in the manufacture of the fabrics, and their harmlessness for you and your dog. They are therefore safe for prolonged contact with the skin, unlike conventional fabrics that flood the low-end market for pet accessories (but also fashion and furnishings for humans!), Which may contain substances. dangerous and irritating (formaldehyde, heavy metals, chlorinated phenols, pesticides, phthalates, organotins, chlorinated benzene, toluene, carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, etc.).


The very special structure of these cushions, allows the dog to model his sleeping according to his desires. The dog can thus trample or scratch the cushion to make a bedding intaglio. He can put the cushion into a ball to make it thicker.

Your dog may also decide to lie down full length. This cushion therefore adapts to the personality and desires of your dog for truly tailor-made comfort! This cushion awakens your dog's instincts, which recreates his sleeping arrangements like a wolf in nature.


The beds for dogs clébard concept, halfway between the cushion and the pouf, are available in several colors united, trends, allowing to integrate perfectly in the habitat. Fall for a beautiful tawny orange or peacock blue, or prefer more natural notes like Beige or Gray. Everyone will find the cushion that suits him, adapted to its interior decoration. Forget those dog beds, shapeless, colorful fabrics and patterns and poor quality.

FURST - Cushion made of cork


The interior of the cushion is 100% vegetal, unlike a foam found classically in a dog cushion. The inflator cushion is provided by cork whose particle size has been studied to optimize the behavior of the cushion. Cork is a natural and renewable 100% material made from the bark of cork oaks. No trees are cut down to recover the cork, which helps to respect the environment and carbon sequestration. Impervious and insulating, cork allows the cushion to remain perfectly ventilated and free of moisture, which naturally prevents the development of bacteria or mold, limits the proliferation of mites, while allowing optimal thermal comfort.

To the cork particles are added red American cedar logs, recovered on scraps of materials used for construction. These beads naturally deodorize the cushion without altering your dog's sense of smell.

The life cycle of the product is thought "to the grave": the content of this dog bed, 100% natural, is completely compostable at the end of the life of the product, reducing your environmental impact and contributing to the limitation of waste.

By using natural renewable materials, promoting strong, durable, non-toxic materials and reusing natural materials, without putting aside the comfort of your dog, these ergonomic dog sleepers are the best for a comfortable bed at the moment. and eco-responsible for your pet.


FURST offers a selection of home-made products for your home decor that combine the well-being of your pet, chosen for their high quality. Find our dog bedding and get him from our relaxation collection, the essential article for his rest.

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