L'alliance de la qualité, du design et de l'environnement

The alliance of quality, design and the environment

Your companion deserves the best. Thus FURST accompany you.

Founded in Paris, the French capital of fashion, luxury and elegance, FURST selects high-end, disruptive products that counterbalance the supply of poor quality that floods the current pet market.

The idea of FURST was born when its founders realized that the offer for pets did not meet their quality requirements. Either the items were functional but ugly, or the materials used were of poor quality or polluting. For treats and cosmetics, the compositions were either opaque or unsavory.

FURST refreshes the lifestyle of pets to allow their demanding owners to offer them the best that meets their expectations of quality, environmental standards, design, comfort and above all well-being.

By choosing products designed to last, of quality, made with respect for the environment while favoring renewable materials, FURST proposes an offer thought for the planet and its inhabitants.

The high-end selection features dog and cat products and accessories that are both sexy, functional, and stylish, that blend with your home, lifestyle, and lifestyle.

The composition of cosmetics and treats is combed to make sure you can use them or give them to your dog or cat with confidence.

FURST is proud to be the first House of Haute Griffure française to help you to spoil your companion with the best gifts you can offer.


Discover a selection of high-end products for dogs and cats combining design and beauty, chosen for their high quality. Find our new trends and offer him the article indispensable to his well-being.

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