Un meuble litière design et élégant pour chat

A designer and elegant litter box for cats

Are you tired of seeing your cat's litter box in your home and looking for a stylish and elegant offer? FURST think that the Sito bathroom is made for you thanks to its easily removable tray and clean design.

The cleaning of the litter is facilitated thanks to the compostable bin. The eco-responsible and sustainable design of this litter cabinet made in Europe will delight you.

The design at the service of the cat

A design and clever litter

Since cats have entered our homes, the question of the cat litter box is debated. How to offer a litter to your cat, while ensuring that it blends into your home? One solution is this Bauhaus design litter box that will fit perfectly into your home. With this designer litter box, you can say goodbye to the ugly plastic litter that you prefer hiding from your guests.

Awarded at the German Design Awards, this cat toilet which exists in 3 colors (black, white or gray) will be very discreet. With its solid aluminum structure, you can sit on it to take off your shoes, put the Stella cushion, optional, to make it a resting area for your beloved cat, or put the objects of your choice on it.


Inside is a 100% recycled waterproof cardboard insert, with suitable dimensions, to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks, allowing easy cleaning of the litter. Aluminum can be cleaned very simply with a soft damp cloth.

A small cottage

This elegant furniture with wide edges will prevent your cat from scattering litter around its tray. The opaque walls will allow him to make his needs away from prying eyes. Its large dimensions will also allow it to be comfortable to turn around and scratch comfortably. Its round opening, without door, will allow efficient ventilation. In addition, the cat who needs to see around him when he eliminates, can easily determine several escape routes in case a danger occurs.

Some recommendations of use

Each cat has its own little habits: we recommend more litter than the number of cats in the house, that the litter is always clean so that it is attractive to him, and to avoid positioning his litter near his food, preferably in a quiet place for its privacy.


FURST offers a selection of exceptional products in modern style for the relaxation of your cat, chosen for their quality and the well-being of your cat. Find our litter for cats and get him from our relaxation collection, the essential article for his rest.

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