FURST donne la priorité aux emballages verts, eco-friendly et recyclables

FURST gives priority to green, eco-friendly and recyclable packaging

Every day purchases are made in the consumer society in which we live. Every hour, we bring home tons of neatly packaged products or receive them for delivery.

Virtually all products purchased are supplied in any packaging, which not only keeps the content in a good condition, but also defines the brands and provides the necessary product information.

However, the threat posed by plastic packaging to the environment can not be ignored. Scientists have already denounced plastic as a long-term pollutant that does not biodegrade completely. All 10 years, the global production of double plastics.

Over 50% of all plastic items we buy are used only once. Thus, in the world, 250 kilos of plastic are poured every second in the oceans. In Los Angeles alone, 10 tons of plastic packaging fragments are thrown into the Pacific every day. With the observation that between 8 to 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans each year, we must collectively react. These plastics, killing marine animals, are consumed by animals and end up in the human food chain, with adverse effects on our health.

Plastic production has reached 396 million tonnes - the equivalent of 53 kilograms for every inhabitant of the planet - and could increase by 40% by 2030.

Concerned to limit their environmental impact, more and more industries as well as responsible companies, position themselves on the side of ecological trends. FURST is part of. Packaging sustainability is our number one priority, promoting natural recyclable materials and limiting the use of plastics.

What is green packaging?

Green packaging (or sustainable packaging) involves the use of materials and manufacturing methods that have minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment.

The main objectives of sustainable packaging are:

  • reducing the overall amount of packaging;
  • increasing the use of renewable or reusable materials;
  • the exclusion of harmful (toxic) materials;
  • that the packaging is easy to recycle.

In fact, environmentally friendly packaging is not just about minimizing the amount of packaging, it also includes the design, processing, and complete life cycle of the product.

While having in mind to offer a high standard in the presentation of its packaging, FURST takes care in details to use biodegradable and recyclable materials for the production of its packaging.

We favor as much as possible the use of paper and cardboard, which are reusable, easily recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Our cardboard packaging is marked with recycled / recyclable terms and guides our customers on their possible reuse or recycling.

We use reinforced gummed paper packaging tape to limit the need for traditional plastic adhesive rolls that are less expensive but not recyclable.

We use soy-based inks for our tissue papers, unlike traditional petroleum-based inks. These papers are acid free and are FSC certified, giving you premium packaging without harming the environment.

We are contributing to global reforestation by planting trees in areas that need them most, thanks to the Eco-Packaging Alliance program.

Attention to detail, even the shock-absorbing bubble mattresses that make up the interior of the kraft envelopes certified with the FSC environmental label, particularly protecting small objects, are made of fully degradable recycled polyethylene.

Finally, in a global approach, we are studying a solution to reuse used boxes of orders. If you do not know what to do with your packaging, after receiving your order, all you need to do is print a label and put your box containing the packaging at a relay point. This responsible solution is under study. We encourage our customers to take the same approach.

As you can see, respect for the environment is in our DNA and we prioritize green, eco-friendly and recyclable packaging to contribute to our common conscience.

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