7 conseils pour rendre votre chat heureux !

7 tips to make your cat happy!

The cat living in an apartment may suffer from anxiety related to its lifestyle hypostimulant. Indeed, an apartment cat is a cat in captivity, unlike its congeners with access to the outside.

For some cats who are born indoors and have never experienced any other way of life, this may not be a problem for them. On the other hand, other cats, especially those who have been used to living outdoors before their adoption, or who find themselves indoors following a move, can not stand life in a closed environment. This can lead to behavioral problems, such as scratching walls or furniture, cystitis, urinary dirtiness, aggression against owners, scraping or compulsive licking, bulimia, and real emotional distress.

The cat with access to the outside, finds himself in a very stimulating world that changes constantly, leaving him no time to be bored. Be it possible to hide in a bush on the lookout for a small prey, run a mouse, climb a tree to get safe, jump from roof to roof to observe its territory and monitor intruders, opportunities do not fail to exercise.

Follow our tips to enrich the living environment of your indoor cat, and allow it to express all its potential and promote its well-being.


Being able to hide and isolate yourself is a natural need of the cat. How many times have you found your cat in the drum of the washing machine or the laundry basket, in the box of an order from home FURST, under a bed, or in a paper bag after shopping?

Felt lairs or other materials specially designed for your cat will allow him to satisfy his need for isolation.


Finding your cat on top of a wardrobe is a great classic, but the getaway can be dangerous if you fall and damage your furniture.

Give your cat a stylish cat tree, specially designed for his need to climb and climb. Design cat trees have the advantage of being able to blend in with your interior decoration to make you discreet, and allow your cat to have fun without damaging your furniture.

There are also stylish shelving shelves that are sure to attract your cat to become an author to observe its territory.


Clawing allows your cat to sharpen his claws to allow him to climb, hunt and defend himself. It is also a way to visually mark your territory.

By choosing a designer scratcher that can be fixed to a wall, for example, you will allow your cat to scratch while preserving your other furniture. The strong scratchers and design allow to integrate more without fault of taste in your interior.


In the wild, your cat lives in a world of smells, which allows him to find his way and find his food. By having bowls in several places, or by hiding kibbles at random places, you promote the activity of your cat. By stimulating your olfactory exploration, you contribute to make your day entertaining.

Catnip can be very stimulating for some cats, and cause a euphoric game sequence. Hidden in some places, or in some toy, it will make him crazy for joy.


The game allows your cat to do some activity. In addition to the fact that the activity is necessary for the proper functioning of the body by stimulating muscles and joints, it also helps to exercise reflexes, coordination, and helps fight the inactivity that is the bed of obesity. The game is a great way to relax your cat everyday.

By observing your cat, you will recognize the most enjoyable moments of the game, or the games that stimulate it the most.

Most games are based on hunting codes. Your feline is the predator, and the toy the prey. Whether it's a leather ball, a serpentine, a fishing rod, a pompom, the possibilities of romping your cat are not lacking. Attention, never play directly with the hands, a bad scratch or a bite could happen during the sequence of play.

For the more daring, there are racing wheels, which allow your cat to run infinitely.


Food puzzles help slow down your cat's food intake, while stimulating his intelligence and agility. These toys that require reflection to get out the food (tunnels, drilled wheels, etc.), are to buy ready-made or to manufacture oneself. They are perfect for keeping your cat occupied throughout the day, and limiting gluttony.


Remember that your cat needs interaction and contact. Enjoy quieter moments to cuddle, caress, and brush.

You now know how to make your apartment cat the happiest in the world.

By Benjamin BAYON, Veterinary Doctor


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