Panier design Covo : décoratif et agréable, tendance et bien-être !

Covo design basket: decorative and pleasant, trendy and well-being!

What is a quality product recognized for? Is it at first sight or use?

The Covo basket knows how to grab you with its timeless design from the first second.

Covo dog design basket

Its rounded design, both simple and elegant, available in wood of different species (ash, walnut, oak) and matching cushions, will find a place of choice in your living room, for immediate delight. Its colors in natural tones will integrate with taste into your interior, for an interior decoration without false note.

This wooden basket with raised edges, enveloping design, will allow your dog or cat to find a protective cocoon to snuggle and spend some quiet moments of rest.

Comfort and ease of maintenance are not left out. Indeed, thanks to its washable top quality covers, suitable for intensive use, this basket is not only a beautiful object. This designer basket is truly suitable for everyday use, over time, while remaining beautiful and clean.

Covo basket design for cat

Comfort, an essential element of a cushion, is not forgotten. The shape memory cushion allows your pet to support his joints and keep his back in a comfortable position, for optimized well-being.

This durable basket, made in Germany, is an ideal design basket for demanding masters for the comfort of their pet, and concerned about the decoration of their home. This basket for dogs or cats, ideally combines aesthetics and function.

Design solution par excellence, the Covo is the chic, trendy and well-being must-have for your pet to adopt now!


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