With the Fusion bowl, join the beautiful to the useful and the useful to the pleasant!

With the Fusion bowl, join the beautiful to the useful and the useful to the pleasant!

Offer a gourmet meal for your dog with the new Fusion Bowl!

Indeed, the Fusion bowl brings a prestigious style to your home. The unique choice of shape and size meets the needs of those who wish to eat their dog with elegance.

Your dog loves the moment you give him his meal. Whether it is croquettes, a little pâté or a starry ration prepared with love, there is a simple way to make this moment even more magical and appetizing.

Use this bowl decoration, to make his meal worthy of a starred restaurant.

FURST proposes the Fusion bowl to sublimate each of its meals. This glazed stoneware bowl with the appearance of cracked volcanic ash and silver highlights will highlight all its meals. The Fusion bowl with its trendy colors will fit perfectly into your home.

Its wide and shallow design gives this bowl a stability against greedy licks, and makes it easier to pick up food for dogs with short snouts (eg bulldogs, pugs, etc.).

Available in size 15 and 20 cm in diameter, this bowl can adapt to different sizes of dog, because everyone has the right to have a nice bowl.

Very easy to clean, it also goes to the dishwasher.

With the Fusion Bowl, coordinate styles to ensure a matching finish or mix individual designs for a unique look.


Create a luxury atmosphere with refined tableware FURST dedicated to your pet. Discover the house side a selection of dishes for your interior decoration combining design and beauty, chosen for their high quality. Find our bowls for dogs and get him from our tableware the essential article for his meal.

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