Des animaux en location ? Quelle mauvaise idée!

Animals for rent? What a bad idea!

An American company Rescue Time has decided to launch a niche market: the short-term rental of puppies and kittens. She presents her activity as an opportunity to test the company of a pet, when one is not quite certain to want one, or that her schedule does not allow to have one. Will you fall for a hair ball for your birthday party, or for a weekend?

As a startup touting the fact of offering animals for adoption (a short-term rental can turn into love at first sight for the long-term), it is mainly based on a juicy business model of short-term rental to be living. 

It must be remembered that dogs and cats are sentient beings. Adaptation to a foster family for the short term is a source of significant stress, especially for immature individuals such as puppies or kittens. And puppies and kittens always end up getting big ... What's going to happen to them once they're no longer so keen to find a new tenant?

Pets adopt us for life, it's up to us to return them as much loyalty. Many adult animals are currently in shelters and deserve to have a family just as much as the puppies and kittens rented by this company.

We really hope that this approach extolling the uberization of the pet is a publicity stunt of questionable taste, to make people realize that when we adopt an animal, it is for life.

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