Comment donner un bon bain à son chien ?

How to give your dog a good bath?

More or less dreaded by the dog and its owner, the bath is nevertheless necessary for the hygiene of your companion, get rid of impurities, make it soft and shiny coat, and refresh its smell. It is all the more necessary that our companions live today in close contact with us, and can share our environment (sofa, bed, etc.).

The bath helps eliminate pollutants, pollen and other dirt that can irritate the skin of your dog.

First and foremost, make sure you have a quality dog ​​shampoo. Shampoos for humans, or poor quality dog ​​shampoo with uncontrolled pH and controversial chemical ingredients could cause irritations or allergies for your pet.

For the frequency, once a month is a good average.

At each step, do not hesitate to give a reward to your dog, so that he associates his grooming session with a pleasant moment.


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1. Prepare your dog for bathing

Whether hair is short or long, it is important to brush your dog before bathing. Take care to untangle the hair as much as possible, shave the hair strands if there are any (do not cut, at the risk of hurting your dog).

By removing as much as possible the dead hair, you will facilitate the bath and avoid clogging your pipe. 

Cut his claws if you know how to do it.
Clean his ears with a suitable product.


2. Choose the place

Outside or in the bathtub? Either way, be prepared to get wet. Dress accordingly.





  • Feasible all year
  • Optimum water temperature
  • Easy to prevent the dog from escaping
  • Messy
  • Difficult for big dogs
  • Sliding. Provide a non-slip mat if necessary


  • Little messy
  • Not possible in cold weather
  • Be careful of the water from the garden hose, which may be too hot if it has remained in the sun
  • Difficult to maintain the dog


3. Protect the ears

Put a cotton ball in each ear to prevent water from leaking into the ear canals. This is especially important for dogs with sensitive ears or ear infections.

4. Wet the coat

Wet the coat with water that is neither too cold nor too hot for optimal comfort for your dog.

If you are using a garden hose, be very careful of any water that has stagnated in the hose left in the sun. There is a risk of serious burns if you do not renew the water in the hose before getting your dog wet.


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5. Apply the shampoo

Pour the shampoo on the back line and distribute the shampoo by massaging with your fingers. It is possible to go against the grain to get the shampoo into the fur. Take advantage of this moment of massage to palpate your dog. If you find a lump on his skin or any abnormal lesions (pimples, scabs, etc.) take note to talk to your vet.

This massage should last about 5 to 10 minutes, to give the shampoo time to have its cleansing and moisturizing effect.

If the dog is really dirty, it is possible to make a first quick shampoo, rinse, and shampoo again.

6. Rinse

It's time to rinse, always with water at a temperature that is comfortable for your pooch. It is important to remove all shampoo residue, which could cause irritation. Remember the thspathese between the fingers, under the tail and in the armpits and thighs, which are difficult to rinse well.

7. Use a conditioner

It is recommended to use a conditioner if your shampoo is not 2-en 1. It will improve the hydration of the skin, coat the hair, make it shiny and silky and facilitate its disentangling. It's time to win then, and the assurance of having a ball of hair whose coat will be impeccable and soft.

8. To dry

Prepare to get wet. Your dog will have an irresistible urge to shake. If you are fast, you can prevent him from shaking himself by putting your hand on the base of his neck to prevent him from initiating the movement. You will then have a few seconds to press on its coat, and eliminate a maximum of water of its fur.

Put a towel or microfiber on his back, and let your dog shake. You can then dry it by rubbing it with the towel.

If your dog is accustomed, you can then use a hair dryer, using the lowest temperature so as not to risk burning it.

Brush your dog to untangle his fur while drying it.

Remove the cotton balls from his ears if they are still in place.

Take the opportunity to clean his eyes.

Enjoy your sweet dog, all clean and smelling good. Be careful with the hours following the bath, some dogs especially like to get dirty just after a good bath.


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9. primp

Also think of a light liquid or solid perfume, like a fragrance to enhance its scent. Ideal for an outing in town or family or for special occasions.

10. Between two baths

To keep your dog clean and fresh between two baths, enjoy dry shampoos or a refreshing spray.

Your dog is now ready to wreak havoc on his next walk. Feeling will become a compliment!


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