Chez FURST, la qualité est notre priorité !

At FURST, quality is our priority!

Our high-end service is among the highest for the greatest satisfaction of our customers, who seek in a range of exception a different and unique product. This element guides every decision we make.

We are looking for exceptional products, by their design, functionality, finishes, durability and maintenance.

We are very demanding on the quality of products sold in our store concept. Each product must meet a grid of selection criteria before they can be offered.

We analyze each mode of manufacture, compositions of materials, their source, the tests on the products and manufacturing sites, to ensure that products meet our high standards.

The ecological impact and the mode of production are major criteria of selection, so we favor artisanal manufacturing, with natural materials, and respecting the norms, for the protection of the workers, the planet and its inhabitants.

So, when you fall for a product available from FURST, do you know that :

  • the design will be adapted to the use of the product by your dog or cat and will be integrated in your place of life;
  • the quality of the materials used is optimal for intensive use, in terms of durability, finish and non-toxicity;
  • ecological and ethical constraints have been taken into account;
  • the well-being of your pet is at the heart of the design of the article;
  • the materials used are maximum of natural origin, and durable;
  • the compositions of the cosmetics or sweets favor short recipes, natural, with tendency Bio, to respect the health of your companion;
  • the products promote the expression of your pet's natural behaviors, and promote a life in harmony with you in your home.


We offer you, with a demanding quality approach, the highest standards of quality and style. A clean design choice and five-star quality, with the support of veterinarians, for the well-being of your fur babies.

In short, with FURST, you can have confidence in the items offered, and shop with your eyes closed. Your dog or cat will be the happiest in the world, and the planet will thank you.

FURST is a responsible brand that puts your pet's interest first: read our quality expertise by following this link.


Discover a selection of high-end products for dogs and cats combining design and beauty, chosen for their high quality. Find our new trends and offer him the article indispensable to his well-being.

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