Une cachette en bambou pour votre chat

A bamboo hiding place for your cat

Bamboo is the natural trendy material par excellence. Its natural and exotic woody look, both minimalist and refined, blends completely into modern interiors.

For the rest of your cat
Dandy Ball, den for the cat

Bamboo, contrary to what one might think, is not a tree but an herb. It renews itself extremely quickly, and its dense root system prevents soil erosion. Naturally resistant, it does not require chemical treatments to grow. Fully biodegradable, bamboo is the ideal material to combine strength, durability and environmental protection.

Worked for thousands of years in Asia, bamboo is inviting with taste in our interiors, where it is used for the manufacture of functional objects and decoration.

Handwork of bamboo

FURST has selected for you the Dandy Ball for cats, a decorative bamboo den entirely handcrafted. This designer interior niche with pleasant lines and its design in natural materials enhanced by touches of color, fits tastefully into your interior.

The interior of the bamboo den is contrasted by trendy colors, and a nice little rest cushion in fake ivory fur, to comfortably accommodate your cat.

With a wide opening, your cat can slip in and out easily.

Your cat will love to hide and rest for hours. This is why the bamboo ball is painted with non-toxic paints, intended for food contact, to be certain that its hiding place is at the same time comfortable, design and without danger for its health, for an optimal wellbeing.


FURST offers a selection of home-made products for your home decor that combine the well-being of your pet, chosen for their high quality. Find our bedding for cats and get him from our relaxation collection, the essential article for his rest.

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