5 tips to prepare your dog for spring return

5 tips to prepare your dog for spring return

Spring has officially arrived, sunny days are back, days are getting longer. Follow our checklist to prepare your dog for this season.

1- Attention to pollen

The arrival of good weather coincides with a resumption of vegetation. Pollen can increase drastically in a matter of days. As for us, pollen is the source of allergies in dogs. In allergic dogs, there is usually an increase in itching and ear infections. Here's how to help your dog prepare for it:

  • Brush your dog, and brush it again: your dog must lose his winter fleece. Some breeds with particularly dense undercoat, such as the German Shepherd, for example, can lose their hair in whole clumps at the arrival of spring. Brush your dog, to help eliminate dead hair, promote aeration of the coat and reduce itching. Brushing also removes some of the pollen that is deposited daily on the hair of your companion, which reduces its allergenic action.
  • Wash your dog Spring is the perfect time to wash your dog. This washing will remove some of the dead hair, rehydrate the skin, and eliminate pollen. Use a mild shampoo that allows you to wash frequently without damaging your companion's skin. Some shampoos are enriched with soothing agents, particularly suitable for sensitive skin.
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  • Wash and vacuum the bed: pollen and dust are deposited on the bed of your dog. Vacuum your companion's bed regularly to eliminate dead hair and pollen. Shake the covers daily and put them in a machine. If you have not had the opportunity to wash your dog's bed for a long time, a spring cleaning is required! Most high-end dog sleeping bags are removable to allow easy hygiene. This is the benefit of a durable basket.

2- Beware of insects and other animals

The sunny days are a good time to go out with your dog. It is also a time when insects and other mites begin to proliferate. Protect your pet against fleas and the ticks. Be careful where your dog will put his nose. He might be intrigued by a wasp or a bee, put your nose on tracked processionaries or go to fuss a toad. All these bad encounters can have serious consequences on the health of your dog.

Go around the garden: eliminate areas where water can stagnate, conducive to the proliferation of algae or mosquitoes. Pay attention to the ornamental plants that emerge from the ground in the garden, which could tempt your dog, but which for the most part are poisonous when ingested.

3- Take back the exercise gradually

If you have stopped exercising during the winter, and your dog is of a sporty temperament, resume the exercise in moderation and gradually over a few weeks. If the exercise is too fast or intense, your companion may be injured. It would be a shame to have to deprive him of the time to heal his wounds.

4- Check your equipment

When going out more, it is important to make sure that your dog's collar or leash are in good condition. There is nothing more annoying than a buckle or thong that breaks and a dog running away in the wild. Make sure they fit snugly and always fit your dog's jig.

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5- Check your medical data

Take advantage of good weather to ensure that your dog is well protected against parasites and that his vaccines are up to date. Also make sure that the information on your chip is up to date. Thus, in case of running away, you increase the chances of finding your pet.

With all these tips, your dandy on all fours will be ready for the sunny days!


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