5 bonnes raisons de promener son chien, même quand on a un jardin !

5 good reasons to walk your dog, even when you have a garden!

Dogs live by our side and have to adapt to our modern lifestyles, sometimes leaving us less time than we would like to devote to our dog. This chronic lack of time is not a reason to neglect the walk.

Here are 5 reasons to go out everyday with your companion:

1. Mental stimulation

Your dog, even if he has access to a garden, needs to go out every day. Indeed, a garden is a little stimulating territory and quickly becomes monotonous and uninteresting for him. The dog needs to be stimulated mentally, to sniff.

The dog lives in a world of odors, and daily outings allow him to renew his olfactory experiences daily. By sniffing a passer-by, a tree trunk on which a congener has been urinating, smelling the smell of a new dog in the neighborhood, your dog gets to know an ever-changing environment.

It's a bit like he's browsing Facebook to read the news of the day, posting a tweet to let people know he's been there, or checking his emails to stay informed of the latest news in the neighborhood.

2. Opportunity to strengthen the bond with your pet

By taking out your dog every day, you strengthen the bond of trust between you and your dog. Indeed, the daily walk is a pleasant moment for your dog, and it is important that you be part of this pleasant moment.

Watch as your dog likes to go out with you, walk by your side, take a look behind him to check where you are.

The ride must be done in 3 parts:

  • a first part where you control the ride,
  • a second part where your dog can feel where he wants and let off steam,
  • a third part where you take control to go home.


Tip: change the routes to vary the pleasures and allow your dog to be surprised daily rather than cause boredom.

3. To exercise

The walk is an ideal time for exercise for both the dog and his owner. Walk, run if you can. All means are good to spend calories, let off steam, promote the maintenance of muscle mass. This is an ideal way to combine business with pleasure and maintain your health and that of your dog.

4. Meet people

Man and dog are social animals. The walk will be an ideal time to meet people. It's amazing how having a dog helps to meet people in your neighborhood. Your dog will also love making new acquaintances, having fun and communicating with others.

5. Improve learning

The daily walk is the time to reinforce learning such as leash walking, street noises, and all the unusual things your dog would not encounter in your home or garden. These things are learned from a very young age. Do not delay the exits.

Take your dog out every day to allow him to spend his energy, stimulate his mental abilities and reinforce the bond he has with you.

By Benjamin BAYON, Veterinary Doctor


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