1. 5 tips to prepare your dog for spring return
    With spring and its inconvenience for your dandy on all fours, follow our checklist to prepare well for this season ...
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  2. Selection of the most beautiful scratching post designs for cats
    At the company FURST, we have made a selection of quality scratching posts, eco friendly, with an attractive design compatible with your interior decoration. Exit the old-fashioned scratch-style scratchers that we prefer to hide. Opt for an aesthetic scratching post that assumes itself and becomes a real trendy object in your decor ...
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  3. Is coronavirus dangerous for dogs or cats?
    With the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, there are legitimate questions about the dangerousness of the virus for our pets ...
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  4. How to choose the bowl of his dog or cat? Top design bowls of the moment
    Follow our advice to choose the best bowl for your dog or cat, while following the decor trends so that it harmonises with your interior.
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  5. Top 5 tips to keep your dog safe during winter holidays
    Taking your dog on a mountain holiday during the winter requires some precautions ...
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  6. Our ethical dog toys presented at Vivement Dimanche by Michel Drucker
    Eco-friendly dog ​​toys from the brand FURST presented in the program Vivement Dimanche by Michel Drucker ...
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  7. Holiday: 6 tips to keep your pet!
    Focus on 6 good plans to keep your pet ...
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  8. 7 tips to go on vacation with your pet
    Follow our checklist of good tips for a successful summer sun if you go on vacation with your dog or cat ...
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  9. Healthy recipe of peanut dog biscuits as easy as it is delicious
    Finish the industrial dog treats whose composition leaves you puzzled! An easy recipe for making cookies for your love ...
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  10. How to give a good bath to your dog?
    Follow our ultimate guide to give your dog a good bath in 10 steps for make it very soft and clean ...
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  11. 7 tips to make your cat happy!
    The cat who lives in apartment can suffer from anxiety related to his hypostimulant place of life. Follow our guide to enrich your environment ...
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  12. A bamboo hiding place for your cat
    Discover a bamboo design den for your favorite cat. At the same time elegant and minimalist to blend in your decoration ...
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