Comment bien choisir la gamelle de son chien ou de son chat ? Top des écuelles design du moment

How to choose the bowl of his dog or cat? Top design bowls of the moment

The bowl, this so useful container, invented to allow your little one to drink or eat their meals, is certainly your dog or cat's favorite accessory! However, this accessory is often overlooked when purchasing it, while the investment in the bowl should be evaluated over the long term. GWith highly sustainable designs, you can achieve substantial savings over the long term.

Your companion should be content to eat or drink in mismatched bowls, unsightly, improper size or poor quality. At worst, these bowls can be toxic. Follow our tips to choose your bowl, and discover our high-end selection so that the choice of your bowl is done without denying the style or quality.


How many and how many bowls to choose for your dog or cat?

For the dog, you need a bowl of water and a bowl for food.

For the cat, you need at least two bowls, or even three: one for water, one for food. We can add additional bowls for the cat, in order to offer different types of food. Thus, it is possible to offer dry foods such as croquettes and wet foods at the same time in a separate bowl. In general, one avoids mixing the dry and the wet, because the cat can peck its kibble during the day, while the wet food dries or oxidizes if it is not eaten quickly.


Which bowl size to choose?

The size of the bowl must be adapted to the size of your animal. His bowl of water must provide him with the water needed for a day. It takes on average 50 ml / kg.

For the food bowl, the size to choose depends on the type of food offered, the size of your animal, and the number of meals given per day. A wet diet is larger than a diet in the form of kibble. Depending on the type of food given (croquettes, pâté, household ration, BARF, etc.), the size of the bowl must be adapted accordingly.

For a cat, the size of the bowl is relatively standard. However, for a dog, it depends a lot on the size of your dog.

In general, feeding is recommended twice a day in adult dogs. If you feed your dog once a day, it will take a larger bowl. Likewise, if your pet eats several small meals a day, then the bowl may be chosen smaller.


Which form of bowl to choose?

The shape of the bowl is primarily an aesthetic choice. Round shapes, conventional, have the advantage of being versatile and suitable for most uses.

Depending on the anatomical particularities of your dog or cat, or his preferences, you may have to choose bowls more or less high or wide.

Thus, the cat often like the shallow and wide bowls for example, which allows them to monitor the surroundings. In addition, the cat does not like that whiskers touch the rim of the bowl. We must therefore opt for a suitable bowl.


Bowl for anti-greedy cat

Long-eared dogs will be more comfortable eating in high bowls, and narrower, which prevents the ears from soaking in the bowl.

Enhanced bowls can be found which can increase comfort when taking food by limiting joint strain for larger or older animals.

There are bowls that slow down food intake, making it more difficult to eat. They are adapted to too greedy animals, to reduce the digestive problems. They are also interesting in the cat to limit the overconsumption of food, under diets for example, or to enrich the environment of your animal and its mental stimulation (food puzzles).

There are finally connected bowls called "smart", which allow to limit access to food for certain animals (special diets), weigh the food consumed, distribute a food at fixed times, etc.


What materials to choose for the bowl of your dog or cat?

It is important to focus on inert, natural, strong and easy-care materials.

Let's be clear, Plastic bowls are to be banned! Apart from the fact that plastic is a source of pollution and an environmental disaster, plastic bowls are weak and deteriorate with use. For puppies, plastic bowls are often chewed during the game, and can cause injuries.

In the medium term, the micro-scratches of the plastic make maintenance of the bowl more and more difficult, which is at the origin of the retention of certain odors, which can inconvenience the developed flair of your animal. The maintenance problem is even more true for the adepts of raw food called BARF, for which the hygiene of the bowls must be irreproachable, in order to limit the contaminations by pathogens such as salmonellae or campylobacter for example.

Another disadvantage, their lightness makes them unstable in use: the plastic bowl tends to be pushed easily and slides during food intake. More worrying, microparticles of plastic (called microplastics) and other substances toxiques may enter into drinking water or food-contact food, and may contain harmful substances (endocrine disruptors). Finally the contact with the plastic can be causing allergies, or acne in the cat.

To find the bowl of his dreams, FURST offers you a selection of design bowls, solid, and safe, to enhance each meal of your dog or cat. These bowls were selected with the help of veterinarians in inert materials to allow impeccable maintenance.



  • Copper bowl


Monte-Carlo pure copper bowl

Riviera Pure Copper Bowls

This handcrafted 100% pure copper bowl warms up your home decor. Less bling-bling than gold, less cold than silver, copper is the chic trend to adopt that finds its place in all decorations. Used for years for cookware, this metal also has the advantage of being naturally antibacterial. The use of copper as a small touch in decoration is trendy. The copper subtly sublimates the espathis when it is associated with other materials such as wood, concrete or marble.


  • Stainless steel bowl

Stainless Steel and Desco Aluminum Raised Bowl

Enhanced bowl MiaCara Desco

Stainless steel is the most used alloy for pet bowls with regard to its ease of maintenance, but that's no reason for its design to be bland. Do not be fooled by poor quality stainless steel that dulls or corrodes quickly.

Bring a modern twist with raised bowls on a base aluminum or wood. Unlike stainless steel bowls on the floor that have the unfortunate tendency to slide, these high bowls for dogs or cats are stable and quiet, and are just at the right height to bring comfort when taking food. It is ideal for animals that have back or joint problems.



  • Stoneware bowl - Ceramic


Melting stoneware bowl

Fusion stoneware bowl

Ceramic is a very natural material resistant, baked at a very high temperature. This Fusion bowl inspired by volcanic lava with silvery black highlights sublimates each meal of your pet, like a meal of great chef.

Particularly large and thin, it is the container Perfectly suited for cats who do not like their whiskers touching the edges of the bowl, and prefer to see around when they eat.





  • Soapstone bowl

Steatite bowl

Steatite bowl

This soapstone bowl, a natural stone, is solid like a rock! Monoblock cut in an ultra resistant stone, it is the indestructible bowl par excellence. Its thermal inertia is particularly appreciated in summer, because it allows keep fresh water long time. Thus your companion can drink all day, even in case of heat wave. Finally, because of its weight, this bowl is very stable.


  • Marble bowl

Black Marble Bowl

Black Marble Bowl

What's more beautiful and more unique than marble? Dare the ultimate chic for your dog or cat. The collection of luxury bowls marble develops shapes timeless, minimalist that sublimate your interior.

Whether empty or full, these beautiful designer bowls are available in natural white, pink, black or green depending on the marble's origin and their physicochemical composition. These rare pieces are made on demand, and will have a unique appearance depending on the veins and colors developed in the stone. 


  • Concrete bowl

Concrete bowl for dogs

Concrete bowl for dogs

Concrete has carved a place of choice in deco trends ces dernières années. ModernWith its plain tones and bold shapes, this concrete bowl is the star of modern and industrial interiors. Not frosty, this bowl has the advantage of staying in video shootingso that your dog can quench his thirst, in and out.


Create a luxury atmosphere with refined tableware FURST dedicated to your pet. Discover the house side a selection of tableware for your interior decoration combining design and beauty, chosen for their high quality. Find our design bowls for dogs et bowls design for cats, and offer him from our collection tableware the essential article for his meal.

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