Sélection des plus beaux griffoirs designs pour chat

Selection of the most beautiful scratching post designs for cats

You strongly love your cat but its scratches much less! His claws on the curtains or on the sofa, or an object that falls after his passage, all excuses are good to forgive him but the decor budget definitely takes a hit.

There is a simple way to protect and save your furniture while diverting its attention: the scratching post!

The scratching post is the essential accessory to have in your house when you have a cat. The scratching post allows the cat to express its natural behavior, making its claws in a suitable place.

By offering a designer scratching post to your cat, you limit inappropriate scratches on furniture, carpets or wallpaper, you improve the comfort of your companion, allow him to spend his energy and take care of his claws.

There are several types of scratching posts by their sizes and formats, the materials used as well as the possible additional functions.

At FURST we have made a selection of quality scratching posts, eco-friendly, with an attractive design compatible with your interior decoration. Exit the old-fashioned, unstyled scratching posts, which we prefer to hide. Opt for an aesthetic scratching post that assumes itself and becomes a real trendy object in your decor.

Follow our selection of the best designer scratching posts for cats, to adapt to your cat and your decorating desires!


The hiding scratching post

Phredia is the triple function scratching post par excellence. Handcrafted in Germany, with sourced cardboard and organic glues, this scratching post allows your cat to scratch, climb to get high, or hide. It is therefore ideal for enriching your feline's environment even when thspait's limited.

Its customizable facade also allows it to adapt to any decor, from the most sober to the most artistic. We love it in its version with a multicolored facade inspired by the compositions of Mondrian, but maybe you will fall for other plain models?


The designer scratching post

Le Face is the ultimate designer cat scratching post. Its minimalist shapes reinvent the modern scratching post. Its thin steel frame covered with an ultra-resistant scratching felt is fixed to the wall. Ideal for small espathese, or for modern or industrial interiors, it dusted off the scratching post's offer with panache.


The trendy retro scratching post

Straight from the 80s, the audio cassette invites itself into your interior, to offer a scratching post with a retro look in your living room. All of attractive and eco-friendly cardboard, the cassette scratching post is reversible for an increased lifespan. The cassette model is available in two sizes. The large size allows your cat to sneak into the cassette to hide there, which makes this scratching post even more attractive.


The stackable geometric scratching post

The scratching post Hexagon is a simple cardboard scraper with openwork geometric shapes. This clever scratching post can be stacked to create the structure of your dreams and give your cat a unique and trendy scratching post.


The totem scratching post

Cactus is the scratching post designed as an offbeat decorative object. With its look of Mexican desert cactus with three branches, it will find its place in your living room! Its large vertical surface covered with resistant felt will allow your cat to scratch its decorative accessory provided for this purpose.


The relaxation scratching post

A scraper that invites you to lie down for a relaxing nap? This scratching post Singha corrugated cardboard seems to warp under the weight of your tomcat. But fear not! Its quality handcrafted design is very resistant.



FURST offers a selection of exceptional modern style products to enrich your cat's living environment, chosen for their quality and the well-being of your fur ball. Find our full selection of designer scratching posts on our shop.

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