Holiday: 6 tips to keep your pet!

Holiday: 6 tips to keep your pet!

The abandonment of domestic animals has become a recurrent act that is sadly commonplace, especially during the summer season, when many of them are left behind for the summer. Always remember that an animal is neither a Christmas present nor a birthday present, but a full member of the family!

With 20 millions of owners of cats and dogs, France counts each year the abandonment of nearly 60 000 animals during the summer. Despite the risk of severe penalties (up to two years imprisonment and 30 000 euros fine for anyone who abandons his pet), the phenomenon of abandonment is increasing every year.

If you go on vacation or weekend, but you do not know how to keep your pet, there are several solutions available to you! Whether through the help of individuals or via professionals, focus on 6 good plans to keep your pet.

1 - The pet-sitting

Some animals such as cats are rather home-bodied. Pet sitting seems like the most appropriate solution to keep them. At a lower cost, individuals offer their services to keep your pet in your absence. They are overwhelmingly students, seniors or unemployed people.

This phenomenon is in full swing. Several platforms, such as Animaute, Animalin, Wepetsitty and others have specialized in the care of animals between individuals and you will easily find the ideal person who will take care of your animal during the holidays.

Pretemoitonchat allows to keep your cat privately for short periods. The low cost makes it possible to finance animal welfare associations.

Ani-Seniors Services was created by a lady who used to ask retired friends to keep her animals during her absences. To make things easier for them, she suggested that they come to live with her. This company has several hundred retirees, previously interviewed to check their seriousness and motivation, who have become followers of the system D.

The +: affordable, verified people, custody as a social bond
The -: no required references requested

2 - Free exchange of custody

You can use specialized sites like Animalkeepers.

They allow to be put in relation with hosts who will keep your companions on all fours. In exchange for what, you will keep your animal when you go on vacation.

The +: the free
The -: the concordance of the dates of holidays

3 - The kennel or cattery

The pension is a place specially designed for the care of your dandy and also managed by professionals. The animal receives care, food and accommodation. Choosing an appropriate pension for your pet requires moving around and checking the services on offer.

However, this solution has a cost: count between 10 € and 20 € per day for a dog and between 8 € and 12 € per day for a cat. The price varies according to the type of animal, the pension and the services chosen.

The +: the comfort and the walks assured
The -: the cost, a less personalized guard

4 - The hotel room

When it comes to childcare, the must is the hotel. Some selected establishments for urban felines like Aristide in the 9éme district of Paris, propose a stay to measure to our balls of hairs.

Your cat has access to a real room with cushions and perches, as well as a playroom. Grattouilles and papouilles are distributed at will, each cat has his favorite menu, his personalized schedules, his fountain with water at his disposal.

The +: tailor-made stay, personalized service
The -: its cost

5 - Host families

Many people accept, in exchange for a fee, to keep your pet. But be careful, by doing your research on the web, you find licensed professionals or enthusiasts, just like families wanting to earn a little money.

It is therefore best to find out from the host family. The guard of the animal is generally charged between 5 and 30 euros per day.

The +: licensed professionals or enthusiasts
The -: the cost, between 5 and 30 euros per day

6 - Make someone happy for a weekend

The site Empruntemontoutou is a practical solution, which allows to find people of confidence to take care of his dog during his absence close to home.

She connects people who would like to have a dog, but who for personal reasons do not have or can take care of another dog, and a family that would like to keep their dog for a short time ( work day, weekend, etc.).

The +: possibility of finding a regular guard nearby
The -: the dog may take a liking to his 2th family :)

And to fight against abandoned pets, common sense is that it is better to adopt than to buy an animal!


FURST encourage all steps to facilitate the keeping of pets. The solution of the guard between individuals remains the simplest, and makes it possible to meet people, to improve the social bond, and to enrich the environment of your dog.

For cats, it is better to ensure that it is kept alone, to avoid the stress of the cohabitation between cats and the transmission of diseases. For short stays, cats will prefer to stay in their home where they all have their bearings. The solution of the pet sitters who pass at home is then interesting, but hardly adapted to stays of prolonged absence.

The kennel is expected well in advance with regard to the number of places. In all cases, solutions exist to allow you to reconcile your lifestyle and be able to keep your companion if you can not go with him. Do not give up on your animal, because it will never leave you.

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