Nos jouets éthiques pour chien présentés à Vivement Dimanche chez Michel Drucker

Our ethical dog toys presented at Vivement Dimanche by Michel Drucker

The brand FURST is proud to present its first collection of eco-responsible dog toys in the show Vivement Dimanche by Michel Drucker, on Sunday December 15, 2019, during the column of the veterinarian Hélène Gateau.



Imagined and created by FURST, it's an original range available in 13 dog toys that the brand is proud to present to the general public.

A first collection for young and old, both trendy and inspired by pop culture, with eco-friendly dog ​​toys, designed with extra soul Made in France, using veterinary advice.


These ethical toys are hand crocheted in fair trade in Nepal, within a women's empowerment program, allowing them to have a decent, doubly remunerated income (financial emancipation: to gain autonomy, in support of single women who lost their roof during the earthquake of 2015, to give access to a job for women without training).

This act of responsible purchasing is both a social approach that puts people and crafts at the center of production, and represents a real alternative to the all plastic mass supply, pollution factor.

A unique, very decorative French creation, made from natural 100% cotton natural fibers, dyed with non-toxic natural inks. It is the perfect comforter for the dog who likes to cuddle and have fun with a built-in squeaker making the game even more challenging, also training the dog to operate its jaw: a toy not traumatic for tooth enamel and even more suitable for a dog with delicate jaws.

A comforter to pamper and to take everywhere to reassure the doggies who take care of their toys. The toy must obviously be appreciated at its fair resistance depending on the character of the animal.

Toys that will appeal to lovers of beautiful crafts, and will make your companion wiggle with happiness. It is rumored that Nemo, Emmanuel MACRON's dog, will have these toys at the foot of the Elysée Christmas tree this year!


  • With MILK BOTTLE toy, your dog will drink whey with this original and beautiful toy! Its look will appeal to you and you will love to see it having fun for hours with this original game!

Crochet dog toy milk bottle


  • Le GAME TOY toy is a story! After marking several generations of players and future masters, it is a cult dog toy from the "Once upon a time" universe! For those nostalgic for their childhood, the GAME TOY is a guaranteed return to the future to distract your dog with the spirit of the 90 years!

Retro game console hook dog toy

  • Le COLA toy will allow you to offer your dog a moment of freshness and sharing! Its elegance and realistic shape will please your pooch. Do not be surprised if your dog becomes a fan or asks you for a slice of lemon on the terrace!

Amigurumi dog toy cola bottle

  • Le YUMMY BURGER toy will make your dog salivate with pleasure at the idea of ​​having fun with this appetizing burger that will satisfy his playful desires!

Crochet cotton toy for dogs in the shape of a hamburger

Discover the whole range of 100% eco-friendly toys in our online store.


FURST offers you high quality natural alternatives from our collection of fun toys for dogs.

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