Top 5 des meilleurs conseils pour emmener votre chien à la montagne

Top 5 tips to keep your dog safe during winter holidays

Bringing your dog with you during winter holiday requires some precautions.

Your dog is not used to living in the snow. Just as you must protect yourself from the cold, your dog will need proper care to be safe for a walk in the snow.


1 - Protec its paws

Snow, frost, salt can attack his pads. We recommend applying a protective balm between his pads so that the ice does not catch on his fingers, and limit the risk of frostbite. This preventive action helps to limit cold-related injuries and increase the comfort of your dog. Remember to rinse his paws when returning from outside, to remove salt residues, which are irritating to the skin and toxic.

In case of prolonged stroll in the snow, the use of adapted boots can be recommended.


2 - Repair its paws

Worn out paw pads can be soothed with a repairing balm, which will soften and moisturize the pads that have been damaged by the cold. While massaging the paw pads, check the absence of crevices that are a source of discomfort. A repairing balm, enriched with essential oils, will soften and rehydrate the pad, and provide a calming and disinfecting effect against frostbites. Like you, who must moisturize your hands and your face that has been dried by the cold, the repairing paw pad balm will immediately relieve your dog.


3 - Pay attention to its nose

Some dogs love to stick their nose in the snow. If your dog has a dried or damaged nose, a repairing balm will help to moisturize his sensitive nose.


4 - Protect your dog from the cold

For small fragile breeds, or long walks in the cold, a suitable coat will bring comfort to your dog, limiting the loss of heat.


5 - Prevent digestive disorders

Your dog may be tempted to eat snow when he is having fun. Be careful that he does not eat too much, it could give him a stomach ache. Similarly, beware of traditional meals with cheese and cold cuts ... the extras are not digestible for your dog.



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